Safemark Group Limited is a multi-dimensional firm that utilizes qualified, competent and experienced and professionals drawn from its permanent and part-time staff to offer services in three business units, namely:

  • Consultancy Services–These services include forensic audits and investigations, network security to prevent and detect security breaches, enterprise risk management, corporate intelligence, background, and lifestyle audits.


  • Technology – Safemark builds complex and innovative solutions which have been developed using the latest technologies and techniques for law enforcement, government agencies, corporations, consultancies, insurance, banking and financial services. Some of the products include the Integrated Anonymous Reports Management System, Ethics Management System, and the Investigation and the Intelligence Management System.


  • Capacity Building, Policy Advising and Research – This involves assisting organizations develop and implementing a balanced values-based and rules-based integrity management programme to entrench integrity and manage risks at personal and organizational levels. Other services include research, and provision of academic courses leading to certification in good governance, integrity and ethics management, enterprise and security risk management is in the pipeline.